Temporary real estate directional signs, directing prospective purchasers to a subdivision having lots or houses for sale may be erected and maintained provided that such signs do not create a hazardous traffic condition or conditions and subject to the approval of the Planning Commission pursuant to those procedures set forth in this zoning code, governing the issuance of conditional use permits.  An application for a permit for such a sign or signs shall comply with § 20.28.050 above and the criteria prescribed for the review of such signs shall include those criteria contained in § 20.28.060.C. and the criteria set forth.
   A.   Location.  Directional signs shall be permitted in all zones, on vacant property only, within one hundred (100) feet of a major or secondary highway subject to all of the following conditions:
      1.   Each subdivision or land development within the city shall be permitted a maximum of four (4) directional signs within the city.  Each land development outside of the city shall be permitted a maximum of two (2) directional signs which may be located within the city.
      2.   The maximum number of directional signs permitted between two (2) intersections of arterial highways shall not exceed four (4).  Where the distance between said intersection is less than three-eighths (€) of a mile, no more than two (2) signs shall be permitted.
      3.   The minimum distance between directional signs shall not be less than five hundred (500) feet.
      4.   Directional signs shall not be located within five hundred (500) feet of any existing freeway right-of-way.
      5.   Directional signs shall be prohibited on Brea Boulevard between the city limits on the south, and State College Boulevard/Central Avenue on the north, and on Imperial Highway between the A-O4 Flood Channel on the west, and Castlegate Lane on the east.
      6.   Directional signs shall not be located on any building, fence or wall.
      7.   The following setbacks shall be maintained:
         a.   One hundred (100) feet from any residence, school or park.
         b.   Twenty-five (25) feet from an existing right-of-way of any arterial highway.
         c.   One hundred (100) feet from an existing right-of-way of any intersection of a street with an arterial highway.
   B.   Size.
      1.   The area of each face of a directional sign shall not exceed fifty (50) square feet.
      2.   Maximum width permitted, eight (8) feet.
      3.   Maximum length permitted, ten (10) feet.
      4.   Maximum height permitted, sixteen (16) feet.
      5.   Ground clearance shall not be more than eight (8) feet or less than five (5) feet.
   C.   Bonds.  A cash bond shall be posted in the amount of one hundred (100) dollars for each sign to guarantee removal of the sign upon expiration of the permit.
   D.   Time limit.  Each directional sign shall have a time limit of one (1) year from the date of authorization; provided, however, said limit may be extended by the Development Services Director or designee not to exceed two (2) successive periods of six (6) months each.  Upon written request, the Planning Commission may authorize additional time extensions as deemed necessary.
(Ord. 425, passed 10-14-68; Am. Ord. 877, passed 11-21-89)