A.   General.  In the issuance of a sign permit, the factors noted below shall be utilized by the Development Services staff as guidelines for determining that a submitted sign proposal furthers the intent and purpose established by this chapter.
   B.   Appeals.  An appeal from a decision of the Development Services staff relative to the application of the review guidelines contained herein shall be made to the Planning Commission.  Such appeal shall be filed with the Secretary of the Commission in writing within ten (10) days after mailing of notification to the applicant by the Development Services Director or his or her designee that any submitted sign proposal has been denied or modifications required in an effort to effect conformance with the noted guidelines.  An appeal from the Planning Commission decision may be made to the City Council if such appeal is filed in writing with the City Clerk within ten (10) days after mailing of notification of the Planning Commission action.
   C.   Guidelines.
      1.   In determining the consistency of each proposed sign with the purposes of this chapter, the following guidelines shall be considered:
         a.   That the proposed sign will be legible under normal viewing conditions, based on its location and the design of its visual element.
         b.   That the proposed sign will not obscure from view or detract from existing sign, based on its location, shape, color and other similar considerations.
         c.   That the proposed sign will be in harmony with adjacent properties and surroundings, based on the size, shape, height, color, placement, and the proximity of such proposed sign to adjacent properties and surroundings.
         d.   That the proposed structure, sign, or display will be so constructed that it will not constitute a hazard to the public.
         e.   That the proposed sign is not designed to have the advertising thereon maintained primarily to be viewed from a freeway.
         f.   Exceptions to these provisions.  The provisions of this chapter, as the same relate to the constructions, erection, and maintenance of signs along freeways, shall not apply to any structure, sign, or display constructed, painted, or maintained when the advertising is limited to:
            (1)   The name of the building whereon the sign is located; or
            (2)   The name of the person, firm or corporation occupying the building and the type of business conducted by such person, firm, or corporation; or
            (3)   The name of the product manufactured on the premises; or
            (4)   Signs, structures, or displays which are limited to the advertising of the services or goods sold on the premises, but no such advertising structures, signs, or displays shall exceed thirty (30) square feet in area or have mechanical or moving parts; or
            (5)   Directional warning or informational structures required or authorized by law; or
            (6)   Official notices issued by any court or public body or officer.
      2.   A sign permit shall be issued only for those signs which comply with the above guidelines.
(Ord. 425, passed 10-14-68; Am. Ord. 877, passed 11-21-89)