A.   Nothing in this chapter shall be deemed to prevent the City Council from ordering the commencement of any civil action to abate a nuisance as an alternative to or in conjunction with the proceedings set forth in this chapter. In addition thereto, any nuisance which is defined as a misdemeanor by any provision of any city code may be abated by criminal prosecution.
   B.   The procedure for abatement set forth in this chapter is an alternative procedure to any other procedure permitted by state or local law and shall not prohibit the use of any other lawful abatement procedure.
   C.   Notwithstanding any other provision of this chapter, the costs of abatement, including incidental expenses, as confirmed either by the Director of the City Council after appeal, may be assessed against the owner(s) of the property subject to abatement as a debt personal to the owner(s) and as a lien on the property. In the event the Director or the City Council assesses the costs of abatement against the owner(s) personally, the assessment shall be due and payable within twenty (20) days after service thereof in accordance with § 15.212.040.C.1.b. In the event such assessment is not paid within twenty (20) days, the city may commence any legal proceeding avail-able to it including, but not limited to, suit in small claims court, municipal court or superior court to recover the costs of abatement or may permit the lien to be assessed against the property, or both. Any determination as to the method of collection shall not operate or be construed as an election of remedies.
('61 Code, § 18C.23)  (Ord. 764, passed - - )