§ 15.212.040  NOTICE TO ABATE.
   A.   Issuance.  Upon determination by the Director that a public nuisance exists, as defined in this chapter, on any property within the city, the Director shall cause a notice to be issued to the owners of the affected property upon which the nuisance exists.
('61 Code, § 18C.4)
   B.   Form and content.  The notice to abate provided for in paragraph A. above shall be headed “NOTICE OF PUBLIC NUISANCE” in letters not less than one (1") inch in height and which shall, in legible characters, direct the abatement of the nuisance referring to this chapter for particulars. The notice shall indicate the nature of the alleged nuisance, the assessor's parcel number and street address, if any, of the property involved, and shall contain a description of the property in general terms reasonably sufficient to identify the location and extent of the nuisance. The notice shall further specify the date, time and location of a hearing before the Director, which date, time and location of hearing shall be not less than seven (7) days after the date of issuance of the notice. The hearing shall be conducted to determine whether or not a public nuisance, as defined in this chapter, exists and shall be conducted by the Director who shall act as the hearing officer.
('61 Code, § 18C.5)
   C.   Service of notice.
      1.   The notice, in form and content as required by paragraph B. above, shall be served by the following method:
         a.   By posting the notice at a conspicuous place on the land, or upon the premises, or upon any structure thereon, or upon the abutting public right-of-way; and
         b.   By sending a copy of the notice by certified mail addressed to the owner or other person in charge or control of the property, at the address shown on the last available assessment roll. The notice shall be placed in the United States mail, postage prepaid, and shall be deemed served upon placing in the United States mail, postage prepaid.
      2.   Failure of the owner or other person in charge of or control of the property to actually receive such notice shall not affect the validity of any proceedings under this chapter.
('61 Code, § 18C.6)
(Ord. 764, passed - - )