§ 15.212.060  ORDER TO ABATE.
   In the event the Director determines that a public nuisance exists, as defined in this chapter, the decision shall be final and conclusive in the absence of an appeal as provided in this chapter. The Director shall, within five (5) working days after the close of the hearing, provide written notice of the decision to the owner or other person in charge or control of the premises and to any other person requesting the same. The notice of decision shall contain an order of abatement, if a nuisance is found to exist, and shall set forth the nature of the nuisance, its location and the time and manner for its abatement and shall be, served in accordance with the provisions of § 15.212.040.C.1.b. Where an appeal is filed as provided in this chapter, such order of abatement shall be suspended pending the review of such determination in the manner set forth in this chapter.
('61 Code, § 18C.8)  (Ord. 764, passed - - )