No person shall relocate a building constructed on a lot in the city upon the same lot except in compliance with the provisions of this section and §§ 15.200.050 through 15.200.070, inclusive.
('61 Code, § 7.28)  (Ord. 542, passed  - - )
   A.   Application.  Every person intending to relocate any building in the city shall first file with the Building Official an application for a move examination. Each such application shall be accompanied by detailed plans and specifications in duplicate of the building proposed to be moved. The application shall include or be accompanied by each of the following:
      1.   The name, address and telephone number of the owner of the building proposed to be relocated.
      2.   The name, address and telephone number of the person who will be in charge of and responsible for the relocation of the building and for compliance with all the requirements of this paragraph.
      3.   The street address and the legal description of the property upon which the building to be relocated is situated and the street address that will become applicable to the building upon its relocation.
      4.   A plot plan showing the proposed new location of the building.
      5.   A floor plan showing the arrangement and size of each room and the type and size of each window therein.
      6.   A plan of the foundation to be provided at the proposed new site.
      7.   Elevations showing the proposed finished appearance of the front, sides and rear of the building.
      8.   Structural details of any additions or alterations to be made to the building.
      9.   A photograph of the building proposed to be relocated.
('61 Code, § 7.29)
   B.   Compliance with code provisions pre-requisite to issuance.  No permit for the relocation of any building within the city shall be issued if, in the opinion of the Building Official, such building does not comply with every applicable provision of this code; provided, however, that if such building may be made to conform with the provisions of this code, a relocation permit may be issued if concurrently application is made for and the required permits obtained for all alterations, repairs, additions and foundations necessary to make such building comply with all applicable provisions of this code.
('61 Code, § 7.30)
   C.   Examination of building, relocation plans.
      1.    Upon the filing of an application pursuant to paragraph A. above and payment of the fee prescribed in paragraph D.1. below, the Building Official shall examine the building therein described, shall review the plans and specifications submitted with such application and shall inspect the proposed new location of such building. The Building Official shall thereupon notify the applicant personally or by mail of the results of such examination and of the city's additional requirements, if any, for relocating such building.
      2.   If the applicant does not apply for and obtain the relocation permit and building permit within ninety (90) days after the giving of such notice, he or she shall be required to request a move re-examination and to pay the fee specified for such re-examination.
('61 Code, § 7.31)
   D.   Fees and deposits.  Before issuance of a permit for the relocation of any building within the city, the sums specified by resolution of the City Council for inspection and other fees, including building and related permits, shall be paid.
('61 Code, § 7.7.32) (Ord. 372, passed  - - )