A.   Permit. No person shall use or operate an automatic dialing device without having an alarm system permit.
   B.   Application for permit and permit conditions.
      1.   Applications for permits under this section shall be made on such forms as may be prescribed by the Alarm Permit Coordinator and shall be signed by the alarm subscriber and the person who provides or installs such device;
      2.   The device must be programmed to initiate and deliver the recorded message or signal only to such city telephone number or numbers as may be assigned by the Alarm Permit Coordinator;
      3.   The alarm subscriber must notify the Alarm Permit Coordinator if the use of such device is discontinued; and
      4.   Each user of an automatic dialing device is subject to payment of reimbursement fees for false alarms pursuant to § 8.38.100.
   C.   Application and inspection fees. Each application shall be accompanied by an alarm system application fee as established by resolution of the City Council. If in the opinion of the Alarm Permit Coordinator an inspection of the premises where such device is to be located is necessary or desirable, an inspection fee shall be paid. Prior to issuing any such permit, the Alarm Permit Coordinator may require an applicant to present for examination and inspection the device which the applicant propose to install and such other information relating to such device as may be necessary to establish its adequacy and suitability for the purpose intended.
   D.   Permit. Any permit issued by the Alarm Permit Coordinator pursuant to the provisions of this section shall specify the city telephone number or numbers to which any such device may be programmed. It shall be unlawful for the persons to whom such a permit is issued to utilize any city telephone number other than the number or numbers specified in such permit.
   E.   Revocation of permit. Any permit issued pursuant to the provisions of this section may be revoked by the Alarm Permit Coordinator at any time for any of the following reasons:
      1.   The use of such device or devices substantially impairs the city's communications facilities.
      2.   Failure to properly maintain and service such device.
      3.   Failure to pay any amounts due by reason of the malfunctioning of such device.
      4.   Maintaining a public nuisance alarm, as described in § 8.38.110.
   F.   Except as otherwise provided in this section, all provisions of this chapter shall apply to automatic dialing devices.
(Ord. 1068, passed 5-18-04; Am. Ord. 1072, passed 7-20-04)