A.   Each alarm subscriber shall pay a false alarm fee to reimburse the city for the cost of the Police or Fire Department personnel and equipment response to false alarms of the alarm subscriber’s alarm system, in such amounts as established and amended from time to time by resolution of the City Council.  It is a violation of this section to fail to pay any such fee when due.
   B.   False alarm fees are due and payable upon receipt of an invoice therefore from the city.  Any such fee is delinquent if unpaid thirty (30) days after the date of the invoice.  Any fee that becomes delinquent shall be subject to a monetary penalty as follows:
      1.   Thirty-one (31) days after the date of invoice, a penalty of ten percent (10%) of the fee shall be added, plus, commencing each month thereafter, an additional penalty of ten percent (10%) of the original fee shall be added, up to a maximum penalty amount not to exceed the original invoiced amount.
      2.   Failure to pay any invoice, with all accrued penalties, within ninety (90) days of the date of the invoice shall authorize the Alarm Officer to deem the applicable alarm system to be a public nuisance alarm subject to the remedies and procedures set forth in § 8.38.110 of this chapter, including placing of the subject alarm system on nonresponse status and/or revocation of the alarm permit.
      3.   The city shall be authorized to utilize any and all legal means available to collect a past due invoice, including accrued penalties, and the same shall be deemed to be a debt on a written contract.  In the event the city is required to institute any legal action to recover such costs, it shall be entitled to recover its reasonable attorney’s fees and all other costs of collection.
(Ord. 1068, passed 5-18-04; Am. Ord. 1130, passed 11-17-09)