(A)   The governing body may, whenever, during the current fiscal year, it becomes apparent due to unforeseen emergencies that there is temporarily insufficient money in a particular fund to meet the requirements of the adopted budget of expenditures for that fund, by a majority vote, transfer money from such other funds to such fund. No expenditure during any fiscal year shall be made in excess of the amounts indicated in the adopted budget statement, except as authorized therein.
   (B)   If, as the result of unforeseen circumstance, the revenue of the current fiscal year shall be insufficient, the governing body may propose to supplement the previously adopted budget statement and shall conduct a public hearing at which time any taxpayer may appear or file a written statement protesting the application for additional money.
   (C)   A written record shall be kept of all such hearings. Notice of a place and time for the said hearing shall be published at least five days prior to the date set for the hearing in a newspaper of general circulation in the municipality. The published notice shall set forth the time and place of the proposed hearing, the amount of additional money required, the purpose of the required money, a statement setting forth the reasons why the adopted budget of expenditures cannot be reduced to meet the need for additional money and a copy of the summary of the originally adopted budget previously published. Upon the conclusion of the public hearing on the proposed supplemental budget and the approval by the governing body, the governing body shall file with the County Clerk and the State Auditor a copy of the supplemental budget and shall certify the amount of additional tax to be levied. The governing body may then issue warrants in payment for expenditures authorized by the adopted supplemental budget. The said warrants shall be repaid during the next fiscal year from funds derived from taxes levied therefor.
(Prior Code, § 1-821)
Statutory reference:
   Related provisions, see Neb. RS 13-510, 13-511