(A)   The license provided for in §§ 114.01 and 114.02 shall, when issued, authorize the sale of cigars, tobacco, electronic nicotine delivery systems, cigarettes, and cigarette material by the licensee and employees to persons 21 years of age or over at the place of business described in the license for the term therein authorized, unless the license is forfeited as a result of court action as provided in Neb. RS 28-1425.
   (B)   If the license is revoked and forfeited pursuant to Neb. RS 28-1425, all rights under the license shall at once cease and terminate.
(Ord. 2021-01, passed 3-10-2021)
Statutory reference:
   Sale to person under 21 prohibited; penalties, see Neb. 28-1424, 28-1425