§ 92.18  EXPENSES.
   (A)   When the village has affected the abatement of the nuisance, health and/or sanitation violation through either village employees or through contract with a third party and had incurred expenses and costs thereof, the actual cost thereof shall be charged to the owner, agent, occupant or person in possession, charge or control of such property. The billing shall be calculated at the actual cost of abating the nuisance, plus a $25 administrative fee.
   (B)   This billing shall be submitted to the last known address of the owner of the nuisance property as found in the County Treasurer’s office of regular U.S. mail.
   (C)   If said costs are not paid within two months after the work is done and one month after the expenses and costs are submitted to the owner and/or occupant, the village may levy and assess the expenses and costs upon the real estate benefitted by the actions in the same manner as other special assessments are levied and assessed and the village may collect said assessments in the same procedure as other special assessments are collected. The village may also recover said expenses and costs of abating the nuisance, health and/or sanitation violation(s) in a civil action in the courts of the appropriate county in the state.
(Prior Code, § 4-304)