(A)   The Municipal Sewer Department may require the owner of any property which is within the municipality and connected to the public sewers or drains to repair or replace any connection line which serves the owner’s property and is broken, clogged or otherwise in need of repair or replacement. The property owner’s duty to repair or replace such a connection line shall include those portions upon the owner’s property and those portions upon public property or easements up to and including the point of junction with the public main.
   (B)   The Municipal Clerk shall give the property owner notice by registered letter or certified mail, directed to the last-known address of such owner or the agent of such owner, directing the repair or replacement of such connection line. If, within 30 days of mailing such notice, the property owner fails or neglects to cause such repairs or replacements to be made, the Utilities Superintendent may cause such work to be done and assess the cost upon the property served by such connection.
(Prior Code, § 3-212)  (Updated)
Statutory reference:
   Related provisions, see Neb. RS 18-1748