Sewer rental bills shall be due and payable monthly at the office of the Municipal Clerk. The Municipal Clerk shall charge and collect from each customer the sewer rental bill which shall include all other charges, properly itemized, due the Sewer Department. Bills shall be due on the first day of each month and shall be payable by the fifteenth day of each month. Bills not paid by the fifteenth day of each month shall be deemed to be delinquent. Upon being deemed to be delinquent, as herein defined, the Municipal Clerk shall implement procedural policies for utility disconnection. The Municipal Clerk may assess an additional fee set by resolution of the governing body and on file at the office of the Municipal Clerk in the event that water service is shut off for the non-payment of any sewer rental bill to compensate the municipality for the additional hook-up necessary to again provide water service to the delinquent customer.
(Prior Code, § 3-211)
Statutory reference:
   Related provisions, see Neb. RS 17-925.01, 18-503, 70-1601 through 70-1615