(A)   The governing body or the Utilities Superintendent may order a reduction in the use of water or shut off the water on any premises in the event of a water shortage due to fire or other good and sufficient cause. In the event of said water shortage, the governing body or the Utilities Superintendent shall notify the customers of the Water Department by posting in three prominent places throughout the municipality notice of said shortage and the restrictions imposed. In the event that any person abuses his or her privileges of use of the water system by continued and excessive use to such an extent as to endanger the health and welfare of the residents of the municipality, the governing body or Utilities Superintendent shall notify said customer by personal service or by posting the customer’s premises and if said excessive use is not abated within 12 hours after said notification, the Utilities Superintendent shall disconnect the said water service and shall not reconnect the water service until the customer shall pay to the Municipal Treasurer a reconnection fee, as established by the governing body.
   (B)   The municipality shall not be liable for any damages caused by shutting off the supply of water of any consumer while the system or any part thereof is undergoing repairs or when there is a shortage of water due to circumstances over which the municipality has no control.
(Prior Code, § 3-112)
Statutory reference:
   Related provisions, see Neb. RS 17-537