Preliminary map shall show all existing conditions required above in Section 1169.02, topographic data and shall show all proposals including the following:
   (a)   Streets: Street names, right-of-way, and roadway widths, approximate grades and gradients, similar data for alleys if any.
   (b)   Easements: Other right-of-way, or easements, location, width and purpose.
   (c)   Utilities: Locations of all utilities including storm sewers, sanitary sewers, water mains, gas lines, electric and telephone lines.
   (d)   Lots: The layout of proposed lots and approximate dimensions.
   (e)   Public Places: Sites to be reserved or dedicated for parks, playgrounds, or other public uses, if any.
   (f)   Public Uses: Sites, if any, for multiple family dwellings, shopping centers, churches, industry, or other public uses, exclusive of single family dwellings.
   (g)   Setback: Minimum setback lines.
   (h)   Site Data: Number of residential lots, typical lot sizes and acres in park, etc.
   (i)   Title, Etc: Title, scale, north arrow and date.
   (j)   Covenants: Drafts of protective covenants whereby the subdivider proposes to regulate land use in the subdivision and otherwise protect the proposed developments. 
(Ord. 0-5-73.  Passed 6-5-73.)