Topographic data required as a basis for the preliminary map in this section shall include existing conditions as follows except when otherwise specified by the Planning Board.
   (a)   Boundaries: Perimeter boundary lines.
   (b)   Easements: Location, width and purpose.
   (c)   Streets: Streets on and adjacent to the tract, name and right-of-way width and location, walks, curbs, gutters, culverts, etc.
   (d)   Utilities: Utilities on and adjacent to the tract, location, size and invert elevations of sanitary or storm sewers if any, drainage channels and size of water mains, location and size of gas lines, fire hydrants, electric and telephone poles and street lights.
   (e)   Topography: Contour lines of ground elevations shall be at two (2) foot intervals.
   (f)   Other Conditions, Features: Other conditions on the tract, water course, rock out- crop, wooded areas, preservable trees, houses, barns, shacks, and other significant features.
   (g)   Zoning: Zoning on and adjacent to the tract.
   (h)   Title, Owners, Notations, Certification.  Title and certificates, present land designations according to official records in the office of the appropriate recorder, title under which proposed subdivision is to be recorded with names and addresses of owners, notation stating acreage, scale, north arrow, date and benchmarks, certification of a registered civil engineer or land surveyor and date of survey.
      (Ord. 0-5-73.  Passed 6-5-73.)