General subdivision information shall describe or outline the existing conditions of the site and the proposed development as necessary to supplement the drawings required in the following paragraphs.  This information should include data on existing covenants, land characteristics and available community facilities and utilities, information describing the subdivision proposal such as number of residential lots, width and depth, price range, business areas, playgrounds, park areas, and other public areas, proposed protective covenants and proposed utilities and street improvements.
   (a)   Key Plan.  Key Plan showing location of Tract.
   (b)   Sketch Plan.  Sketch plan on topographic survey shall show in simple sketch form the proposed layout of streets, lots and other features in relation to existing conditions.  The sketch plan may be a free hand pencil sketch.
   (c)   Requisites of Sketch Plan.  The sketch plan shall include either the existing topographic data listed in Section 1169.02 or such of this data as the Planning Board determines is necessary for its consideration of the proposed sketch plan.
      (Ord. 0-5-73.  Passed 6-5-73.)