(A)   It is hereby determined that noxious weeds, as defined by the Ohio Director of Agriculture, growing within the city, that are about to spread or mature seeds, and that grass eight inches or more in height growing on lands within the city, constitutes a health hazard and/or nuisance to the occupants of neighboring properties. For the first and second offense, the Municipal Administrator, or his or her designee, shall cause a written notice to be posted upon such property, notifying all persons that such health hazard and/or nuisance must be abated within five days after the posting of such notice. Further offenses at the same address require no further notice or posting by the Municipal Administrator in the same calendar year.
   (B)   If the owner, lessee, agent or tenant, or other person having charge of the lands mentioned in division (A) fails to comply with the notice required by such section, the Municipal Administrator, or his or her designee, shall cause such health hazard and/or nuisance to be abated, and may employ the necessary labor and equipment to perform the task. All expenses incurred shall be paid from money in the city general fund not otherwise appropriated. Use of city labor and equipment shall be charged at the rate of $130 per hour, or portion thereof, unless otherwise determined by resolution of City Council. Damage to city equipment caused by the abatement will also be charged.
   (C)   The Finance Director shall make a written return to the County Auditor of actions taken under divisions (A) and (B), with a statement of the charges for the services necessary, the amount paid for the performing of such labor,
and a proper description of the premises. Such amounts, when allowed, shall be entered upon the tax duplicate, shall be a lien upon such lands from the date of entry, and shall be collected as other taxes and returned to the city to the general fund.
(1980 Code, § 99.20) (Ord. 3071, passed 1-3-1974; Am. Ord. 3501, passed 9-7-1976; Am. Ord. 7030, passed 10-21-2002; Am. Ord. 7685, passed 7-16-2007; Am. Ord. 9140, passed 12-18-2023) Penalty, see § 99.99