(A)   The Safety Director may, if and as provided by Council and the Municipal Administrator, appoint a city animal control officer from time to time, for such period of time, and at such compensation as may be authorized by Chapter 33 of this code to supplement within the city limits the duties of the county dog warden in enforcing the provisions of R.C. Chapter 955, R.C. Chapter 959 and the provisions of this chapter. Such animal control officer shall give bond as prescribed by § 30.21.
   (B)   The animal control officer shall likewise have power to summon the assistance of bystanders in performing his or her duties and may serve writs and other legal processes issued by any court within the limits of the city with reference to enforcing R.C. Chapter 955, R.C. Chapter 959 and this chapter.
   (C)   The animal control officer or any police officer may pick up and impound any animal found to be in violation of any provision of law. Animals impounded under this section shall be impounded for a period of not less than three days. During such time the owner, harborer, or keeper thereof may secure the release of such animal upon proof that he or she has duly registered the animal, if registration is required of the animal. If the animal is a dog, the person shall provide proof that a dog license for the current year has been issued as provided in R.C. Chapter 955, and upon payment to such agent of the city as the Safety Director may from time to time direct, of a pickup fee of $15, and then the person may secure release of the dog or animal.
   (D)   The foregoing pickup fees shall be charged and collected in addition to any pickup, impoundment, or licensing fees imposed by the county or appropriate agency. If the animal is not so redeemed, the city animal control officer shall deliver the animal to the county dog warden, or make such other disposition as the city animal control officer deems appropriate.
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