§ 152.03 FORMS AND FEES.
   (A)   Forms. The following forms may be required by the Floodplain Administrator:
      (1)   Floodplain permit application form. The “Joint Application for Proposed Work in Montana’s Steams, Wetlands, Regulated Flood Hazard Areas, and Other Waterbodies,” or other designated application form. A completed FEMA MT-1 form may be required to accompany the application when required by the Floodplain Administrator;
      (2)   Floodplain permit compliance report. A report required to be submitted by the applicant to the Floodplain Administrator once the permitted project in the regulated flood hazard area is completed or within the designated time stipulated on the floodplain permit. A compliance report including an elevation and or floodproofing certificate may be required where specified for the purpose of documenting compliance with the requirements of the permit;
      (3)   Floodplain variance application form. An application submitted by the applicant to the Floodplain Administrator to initiate a proposed variance from the requirements of these regulations as described in § 152.12;
      (4)   Floodplain appeal notice form. A form submitted by the Applicant or an aggrieved party to initiate the appeal process described in § 152.13;
      (5)   Floodplain emergency notification form. A written notification form required pursuant to § 152.11; and
      (6)   Official complaint form. A form that may be used by any person to notify the Floodplain Administrator of an activity taking place that appears to be noncompliant with the requirements of these regulations.
   (B)   Fees. A reasonable application fee for processing of permit applications may be imposed. Fees may be adopted for costs of permit applications, notices, variances, inspections, certifications or other administrative actions required by these regulations.
(ARM 36.15.204(3)(b))
(Ord. 2018-01, passed 5-21-2008)