(A)   General.
      (1)   Emergency repair and replacement of severely damaged artificial obstructions and development in the regulated flood hazard area, including public transportation facilities, public water and sewer facilities, flood control works and private projects are subject to the permitting requirements of these regulations.
(ARM 36.15.217)
      (2)   The provisions of these regulations are not intended to affect other actions that are necessary to safeguard life or structures during periods of emergency.
   (B)   Emergency notification and application requirements.
      (1)   The property owner and or the person responsible for taking emergency action must notify the Floodplain Administrator prior to initiating any emergency action in a regulated flood hazard area normally requiring a floodplain permit. An emergency notification form must be submitted to the Floodplain Administrator within five days of the action taken as a result of an emergency.
      (2)   Unless otherwise specified by the Floodplain Administrator, within 30 days of initiating the emergency action, a person who has undertaken an emergency action must submit a floodplain permit application that describes what action has taken place during the emergency and describe any additional work that may be required to bring the project in compliance with these regulations.
      (3)   A person who has undertaken an emergency action may be required to modify or remove the project in order to meet the permit requirements.
(Ord. 2018-01, passed 5-21-2008)