Solid waste collectors, employed by the county or a solid waste collection agency, operating under contract with or permitted by the county, shall be responsible for the collection of solid waste from the designated pickup location to the transportation vehicle provided the solid waste was stored in compliance with the provisions set forth in this chapter.  Any spillage or blowing litter caused as a result of the duties of the solid waste collector shall be collected and placed in the transportation vehicle by the solid waste collector.  Solid waste collectors or landfill operators shall not dispose of “limited quantity generator” waste, as defined by state statute, nor the disposal of infectious and medical waste, including but not limited to, contaminated needles and instruments, animal carcasses, and pathological, laboratory and blood wastes, unless first receiving a permit modification authorizing acceptance of such waste.  Limited quantity generators may not place hazardous waste with nonhazardous solid waste in garbage cans or dumpsters, without first having arranged for a permit modification.
(Ord. 1010.11, passed 5-17-94; Am. Ord. 09-96-01, passed 9-24-96)  Penalty, see § 50.999