The county shall provide for the collection of solid waste as follows:
   (A)   The county may at its discretion provide for the collection of all residential solid waste in the county, provided, however, that the county may provide the collection service by contracting with a person, county, or city or a combination thereof, for the entire county or portions thereof, as deem to be in the best interests of the county.
   (B)   The county may, at its discretion, provide commercial solid waste collection services upon specific application of the owners or persons in charge thereof.  However, in the event that the application is not made or approved, it shall be the duty of the establishment to provide for collection of all solid waste produced upon any premises.
(Ord. 1010.11, passed 5-17-94; Am. Ord. 09-96-01, passed 9-24-96)  Penalty, see § 50.999