(A)   The County Solid Waste Coordinator will recommend to the County Fiscal Court who shall make, amend, revoke and enforce reasonable rules and regulations as approved by the court for the storage, collection, transportation, processing, recycling, composting and disposal of solid waste, including, but not limited to:
      (1)   Preparation, drainage and wrapping of waste deposited in solid waste containers.
      (2)   Specifications for solid waste containers, including the type, composition, equipment, size, and shape thereof.
      (3)   Identification of solid waste containers and of the covers thereof, and of equipment thereto appertaining, if any.
      (4)   Weight limitations on the combined weight of solid waste containers and the contents thereof, and weight and size limitations on bundles of solid waste too large for solid waste containers.
      (5)   Storage of solid waste in solid waste containers.
      (6)   Sanitation, maintenance and replacement of solid waste containers.
      (7)   Schedules of and routes for collection and transportation of solid waste.
      (8)   Collection points of solid waste containers.
      (9)   Collection, transportation, processing and disposal of solid waste.
      (10)    Processing facilities and fees for the use thereof.
      (11)    Disposal facilities and fees for the use thereof.
      (12)    Records of quantity and type of waste recovered at processing and/or disposal facilities.
      (13)    Handling of special wastes such as sludge, ashes, agriculture, construction, bulky items, tires, automobiles, oils, greases, and the like.
      (14)    Acceptable solid waste containers to indigent persons within the county.
   (B)   A copy of any and all rules and regulations promulgated under the provisions hereof shall be filed in the office of the County Judge/Executive.
(Ord. 1010.11, passed 5-17-94; Am. Ord. 09-96-01, passed 9-24-96)