General Provisions
   97.01   Debris on county roads or right-of-way
Repair of Unsafe Sidewalks
   97.15   Definitions
   97.16   Power of county to repair unfit sidewalks
   97.17   Resolutions relating to unfit sidewalks
   97.18   Easements granted for installation and maintenance of sidewalks
   97.19   Petition alleging that a sidewalk is unfit; complaint; notice and hearing
   97.20   Issuance of order to repair
   97.21   Failure to comply; repair by county; lien for expense
   97.22   Service of complaints and orders
   97.23   Injunction to restrain enforcement of order
   97.24   Powers of county officers to investigate and obtain evidence
   97.25   Appropriations
Specifications for Street and Drainage Construction
   97.35   Standard specifications for street and drainage construction adopted by reference
   97.36   Inspection and certification of construction
   97.37   Acceptance of infrastructure into county system; acceptance contingent on meeting specifications
   97.38   Water flowing over county roads; unauthorized connections prohibited
Culvert Construction
   97.45   Applicability
   97.46   Authorized official to determine need for culvert
   97.47   Property owner responsible for costs of culvert installation; maintenance by Road Department
   97.48   Installation by County Road Department; costs to become a lien against property
   97.49   Blocking county road ditch; construction with unapproved materials
Right-of-Way Encroachment Policy
   97.60   Adoption
   97.61   Permit required
   97.62   Conformance with agencies having jurisdiction; approval required
   97.63   Transferal of permitted right; property owners frontage rights
   97.64   Application procedure; denial of permit
   97.65   Requirements applicable to excavating, filling and landscaping permits
   97.66   Disposal of excavation material
   97.67   Specialty safety requirements
   97.68   Maintenance of utilities on bridges
   97.69   Maintenance of entrances
   97.70   Drainage requirements
   97.71   Permittee's responsibility for inadequate downstream highway drainage facilities
   97.72   Entrances and related roadway modifications
   97.73   Encroachment permit to be obtained prior to approval of zoning permit
   97.74   Administration and enforcement
   97.99   Penalty
   Equine feces on roadways, see § 91.02
   Signs in public right-of-way, see § 154.01
   Motorized vehicles on sidewalks and multi-use paths, see §§ 70.15 et seq.