Any person who pays for a trespass tow or booting subject to this chapter must be provided, in an easily readable and conspicuous format, the name and telephone number of the property owner, lessor, or property manager to whom complaints about the trespass tow or booting may be directed. The person or company to whom complaints are to be directed may not be a towing company, booting service, or any employee, representative, officer, agent or affiliate thereof. The aforesaid information may be provided by any of the following methods:
   (A)   On the parking lot warning sign(s) to be posted as provided at section § 73.03(A) or (B)(2) above, or on a separate sign attached to the same sign post or immediately adjacent on the same structure; or
   (B)   On separate sign(s) posted on the property, so long as said sign(s) are conspicuous to a person who has parked in the parking lot at issue.
   (C)   On a weather-resistant notice attached to the vehicle's windshield as provided at sections § 73.03(C) or § 73.05(F) above, in the same or a larger type size than that used for the other information provided in the notice; or
   (D)   In large, easily-readable type on a pre-printed notice, not less than 8.5" x 11", provided to the owner or operator of the vehicle prior to the payment of fees.
(Ord. passed 12-15-2016)