(A)   Vending shall only be allowed at sites located on the sidewalk in front of the downtown Post Office.
   (B)   The Town Manager (or designee) shall, in the Town Manager's discretion, determine the specific vending stand locations and dimensions that will be allowed and any other appropriate rules or limitations that shall govern the usage of such vending sites. In exercising this discretion, the Town Manager shall see to it that the sidewalks are kept clear for pedestrian use as provided at Ch. 96 of this code, shall protect the planting areas of the Post Office, shall require that vendors provide waste receptacles as necessary for wastes generated by their operations, protect the sightliness of the area, and otherwise exercise the Town Manager's (or designee's) discretion to protect the public's use and enjoyment of the area. Such rules may include a system for assignment of vending sites (e.g., sign-up and/or lottery) if circumstances (such as excessive competition for sites) warrant. Sites at the Post Office may be changed or removed from availability in the Town Manager's discretion, and applicable rules otherwise modified, without advance notice to any permitted vendor.
(Ord. passed 7-12-2023)