A grading/stormwater management plan shall bear the stamp or signature of a design professional and shall include:
   A.   A project summary or site plan showing the entire area covered by the application, any construction sites, existing drainage patterns, constraining environmental conditions and areas proposed or likely to be covered by impervious surfaces at completion of the project.
   B.   Construction quality drawings of all physical features of a proposed stormwater management system, to include a grading plan and the dimensions clearly shown for all conveyances, retention basins and swales designed for collection, treatment and infiltration of stormwater runoff.
   C.   Calculations which include, at a minimum: the extent of impervious surfaces, the capacity of conveyances and retention basins; and the design storm yield expected at the site.
   D.   A proposed construction schedule for the stormwater management system.
   E.   A proposed system of maintenance of the various elements of the stormwater management system, designating specifically any portions which are to be conveyed to a group, association or political subdivision for maintenance.
   F.   An erosion control plan.
   G.   For any injection wells or dry wells subject to the provisions of Idaho Code title 42, chapter 39, that registration for such wells has been obtained from Panhandle health district or other jurisdiction which may supersede, as provided by the state of Idaho.
   H.   For any stream channel alterations subject to the provision of Idaho Code title 42, chapter 38, that a permit for such alterations has been obtained from the Idaho department of water resources.
   I.   The operation and maintenance plan. (Ord. 501, 11-18-2008)