A.   Grid System Standards: All street address numbers shall conform to the grid system of the City shown on the Official Address Number Map and list on file at the department or its designee. The general standards to be used in developing a street address grid system are as follows:
      1.   Sixteen (16) grid blocks to the mile with three hundred thirty feet (330') between grid lines; and
      2.   A standard one hundred (100) numbers per grid.
   B.   Display: It shall be the duty of the owners and/or occupants of every dwelling and business to have placed or installed thereon in a place visible from the street, house or building, address numbers as hereinafter directed.
   C.   Assignment By Department: All address numbers shall be assigned by the department or its designee. No other person or organization, public or private, shall assign any address number to any residence, business, industry or use.
   D.   Requirements: The department and any person shall comply with the following requirements:
      1.   Only one number shall be assigned to each business, use or dwelling unit.
      2.   Numbers shall be assigned to vacant lots within platted subdivisions and shall otherwise be assigned in such a manner that adequate numbers are reserved for possible future developments or resubdivisions of land.
      3.   All address numbers shall be assigned for the street (or road) upon which the structure fronts. When vehicular access is used from a point other than the street frontage, the number shall be placed so as to be visible from the street from which it is addressed, and additional access direction signage may be required, if requested by the Fire Department.
      4.   All addresses located on the north and east sides of streets shall be even numbers. All addresses on the south and west sides of streets shall be odd numbers. These requirements may be changed in the case of meandering streets. When a street has been determined to be running in predominately one direction, the numbering shall not be changed if there are slight changes in street direction.
      5.   The owner of each building, house or structure shall post the assigned address number on said structure in such a manner to be clearly visible from the street (or road). The numbers shall be at least four inches (4") high.
      6.   Existing address numbers not in conformance with the Official Address Number System Map may be changed by the department giving written notice at least ninety (90) days in advance of the effective date to property owners affected by such changes. New address numbers must be posted on the property by the effective date.
      7.   Addresses for apartments, condominiums, commercial suites or other instances of multiple occupancy within a single structure or complex shall be addressed according to the procedures adopted by the department. (1952 Code § 9-06-06)