Ordinance No. ORD-9-19
An ordinance approving the revision, compilation, codification, and adoption of the general ordinances of City Code of the City of Boise City, Idaho as prepared by Sterling Codifiers, Inc., which shall supersede all prior laws and ordinances of the City of Boise City and shall be accepted in all courts as the Official Code and law of the City of Boise City; repealing all ordinances or parts thereof to the extent they conflict with this ordinance; providing all ordinances of a general nature included in the Official Code are considered a continuation of said ordinance provision and are continuously effective notwithstanding some provisions thereof being eliminated by this codification; providing all ordinances of a special nature are not included in the Official Code and remain in full force and effect; providing for a method of perpetual codification by which Sterling shall review new and future ordinances, publish hard copies of the Code, provide a supplemental service as new ordinances are enacted and codified, and host the official online version of the Code; providing that certain types of ordinances shall not be included in the Code; providing that the Code shall be amended to correct grammatical and spelling errors; providing that the Code shall be amended to remove obsolete terms and inaccurate and unnecessary language and provisions; providing that the Code shall be amended to add and amend definitions and correct internal inconsistencies; providing for the reformatting, renumbering, and renaming of provisions within the Code; providing a streamlined approach to all City fines and fees by placing them onto a master fines and fees schedule; streamlining references to infraction and misdemeanor penalties and severability clause; incorporating recitals into this ordinance; adopting new provisions in title 1 to establish that the recodified Code is the Official Code; providing a full text copy of this ordinance and the amended Code for public review; adopting the amended Code as the Official Code; waiving the reading rules; and approving a summary of the ordinance.
This ordinance shall be in full force and effect on April 1, 2019 after the passage, approval, and publication of a summary of this ordinance in the official newspaper of the City of Boise.
ADOPTED by the Council of Boise City, Idaho, on March 12, 2019.
APPROVED by the Mayor of the Boise City, Idaho, on March 12, 2019.
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David H. Bieter, Mayor      Lynda Lowry, Ex-Officio City Clerk