A.   City Clerk Review For Completeness: Upon submission of a planned special event permit application, the City Clerk shall review the application for completeness and, if found to be complete, forward it to the SET for consideration. Completed applications are those that are timely submitted with all required information, documentation and fees.
   B.   SET Review: The SET Chair may call a meeting of the SET when the review and coordination of a specific planned special event application is deemed necessary. The applicant shall, when notified by the City Clerk, attend the SET meeting and participate in the SET's review of the permit application. At the discretion of the SET Chair, the applicant's attendance may be by telephone, video conference or other approved electronic means.
   C.   Issuance Of Permit: Upon a determination by the City Clerk and the SET that an application is complete and that an applicant meets all requirements, possesses all qualifications, lacks any disqualifications, and that the applicant paid the required nonrefundable fee listed on the City Clerk license fee schedule, or that the fee was waived, a planned special event permit shall be issued.
   D.   Authority To Condition Issuance Of Permit:
      1.   The SET shall have authority to condition the issuance and continued validity of a planned special event permit in compliance with:
         a.   Content neutral, necessary and reasonable conditions relating to the time, place and manner of the event; and
         b.   Content neutral restrictions and conditions necessary to protect the safety and rights of persons and property upon which or adjacent to the location of the planned special event; and
         c.   Content neutral conditions and guidelines necessary for the control of traffic and safety of the traveling public; and
         d.   Compliance with the security plan, the transportation plan, the communication plan and the incident action plan; and
         e.   The use of traffic cones or barricades arranged as required by the SET, ACHD or City Police to ensure the safety of vehicular and/or pedestrian traffic; and
         f.   The availability of first aid or other medical care or treatment; and (Ord. 10-14, 3-25-2014)
         g.   Compliance with any restrictions placed by the SET on the number of people in the event area based upon the International Fire Code and/or lawful maximum capacity of the facility; and (Ord. 10-14, 3-25-2014; amd. 2019 Code)
         h.   Compliance with restrictions placed by the SET on the number or type of vehicles, animals, structures or equipment for the protection of the public facilities, attendees and the general public; and
         i.   Standards for the number, type and size of garbage and/or recycling containers for the preservation and protection of public facilities; and
         j.   Restrictions on the use of amplified sound equipment and compliance with noise ordinances, regulations and laws; and
         k.   A condition that the applicant shall provide notice to residents and/or businesses regarding any activity that may require street or public parking garage closure, or other circumstance or condition that may affect residents or businesses; and
         l.   Restrictions on the sale and/or consumption of alcohol or alcoholic beverages; and
         m.   Guidelines regarding the use of City personnel or equipment; and
         n.   Conditions to address fire or safety concerns; and
         o.   Conditions to repair damage or disruption to public property, including but not limited to, landscaping, turf and painted surfaces.
      2.   The following standard conditions shall apply to all planned special event permits issued pursuant to this chapter:
         a.   The actual time, place and manner of the special event shall not vary from the time, place and manner stated on the permit application.
         b.   Unless other arrangements are agreed to in advance by the SET or City Clerk, the facility and/or area in which the event is held shall be returned to pre-event condition within twenty four (24) hours of the end of the event, unless the SET establishes permit specific timelines. The tasks involved in returning the facility and/or area to pre-event condition shall include, but shall not be limited to:
            (1)   Removal and appropriate disposal of trash and recyclables; and
            (2)   Removal of vehicles, structures, portable toilets and all other equipment; and
            (3)   Removal of traffic facilities, cones, barricades and markings within and alongside all streets and sidewalks. (Ord. 10-14, 3-25-2014)