A.   The City designates specific areas within the City's boundaries as fixed pedestal zones. Within these zones, only City-owned fixed pedestal news rack units are allowed on the sidewalk or in the public right-of-way. This chapter shall not affect news racks located upon private property.
   B.   The City Council specifically authorizes the City Clerk to determine where fixed pedestal zones should be located and to define their geographic boundaries within the City by resolution. The City reserves the right to expand, reduce, or otherwise modify the geographic boundary of any fixed pedestal zone and to create additional zones as it deems necessary.
   C.   The City Clerk's office shall maintain and make publicly available during business hours the most current map of all fixed pedestal zones.
   D.   The City Clerk's office will determine the location and quantity of fixed pedestal news rack units within each fixed pedestal zone. At least one box per unit shall be available for subdivision to accommodate two small publications. The boxes within a unit shall be available as pay boxes or free boxes, subject to available resources. The configuration of boxes within a unit may be static after implementation, but the subdivision of each free box may be changed, subject to available resources.
   E.   City-owned news rack box licenses shall be issued for a one (1) year term, starting from the date of issuance. A City-owned news rack box license may be renewed within the thirty (30) days prior to the end of the one (1) year term. The City Clerk's Office shall maintain a list of all City-owned news rack boxes with corresponding license dates. This list shall include identifying numbers for each individual box and be made publicly available.
   F.   Any person seeking a license for a box in a City-owned news rack shall complete the approved application form available from the City Clerk's Office.
   G.   A licensed applicant may request multiple boxes within City-owned news racks for one or more publications. Each box will require a separate monthly box fee. An applicant may request multiple boxes within a single City-owned news rack unit provided that the applicant places a different publication in each licensed box space therein.
   H.   If multiple license applications for an available box are received, priority shall be given to the application first received by the City Clerk's Office. If an applicant is unable to have their selected box due to priority or renewal, the City Clerk's Office shall notify the applicant if another box is available in the same unit or a nearby unit.
   I.   The City Clerk's Office, if necessary, may create a waiting list for specific boxes within City-owned news rack units. (Ord. 10-20, 5-12-2020)