10-2-9-3: WET LINE WAIVER:
The Public Works Department may waive the wet line connection requirement specified in section 10-2-4-1 of this chapter, subject to such reasonable conditions that the department deems appropriate, if it finds all of the following applicable:
   A.   Feasibility: The extension of wet line sewer to the structure is not financially feasible for the property owner and/or the City;
   B.   Adequate Service: Until sewer service is available, the structure can be adequately served by:
      1.   A septic tank which will be compatible with future sewer lines; or
      2.   Another existing sewage treatment alternative (package treatment plant, lagoon system or central septic tank) which is reasonably available and has been approved and certified by the appropriate government agency as adequate to service the structure until sewer service becomes available. The existence of the maintenance agreement for the alternate treatment system shall also be taken into consideration;
   C.   Compatibility: The proposed construction is compatible with the other goals and policies of the City Comprehensive Plan. (1952 Code § 8-11-09.03)