10-2-6-6: CREDITS:
   A.   Residential Pump Credit:
      1.   In the event installation of a pump is required to enable an existing single-family residential structure to be served by the public sewer system, the user shall receive a credit of up to five thousand two hundred dollars ($5,200.00) against the fees imposed under subsection 10-2-6-3A of this chapter, and the equivalent assessment (public service line fee not included) under subsection 10-2-6-3C of this chapter, if either of the following situations exist:
         a.   The public sewer was constructed and accepted for service prior to January 1, 1996; or
         b.   The public sewer was constructed on or after January 1, 1996, but was not constructed to at least the sewer design policy depth guidelines approved by the Public Works Commission.
      2.   However, the amount of the credit cannot exceed the fees imposed under subsections 10-2-6-3A and C of this chapter.
   B.   Credit For Treatment Connection Fees For Commercial Property:
      1.   For the purposes of this provision, the term "owner or operator" shall mean any person who has previously paid the City sewer connection fee requirements for connection to the system.
      2.   Any owner or operator of a commercial, industrial or institutional business connected to the City sewer system who is changing the site of such business to another location having access to the City sewer system, may apply for a credit of the treatment plant connection fees imposed by subsection 10-2-6-3B of this chapter, pursuant to the procedures set forth in section 10-2-9-4 of this chapter.
      3.   The Public Works Department may give a credit for all or a portion of the connection fee requirements if it finds all of the following are applicable:
         a.   The nature of the business has not changed;
         b.   No additional treatment capacity will be required; and
         c.   Under the particular circumstances of the case, imposition of the connection fee requirements would impose an undue hardship upon the owner or operator.
      4.   The right to seek a credit for connection fees is nontransferable. Credits on the original property shall be reduced by the amount of connection fee waived.
      5.   The application for the treatment plant connection credit must be submitted prior to the time those connection fees are due.
   C.   Length Of Sewer Connection Credits: Nonuse of a City sewer system service connection for a period of ten (10) years shall constitute a relinquishment of any right to the use of such service connection and the wastewater system, as well as the relinquishment of any sewer connection credits. Resumption of service shall require payment of the current fees for new connections. Sewer connection credits are not transferable between parcels. Credits will be utilized in the order construction plans are reviewed by public works staff. (1952 Code § 8-11-06.06)