Every person providing a separate irrigation system who desires to have the system owned, operated and maintained by the City:
   A.   Application: File an application with the Public Works Department containing the following information:
      1.   A description of the area and property to be served by the separate irrigation system.
      2.   For existing systems, a map or drawing of the system indicating the proposed location of all easements, pipes and other system infrastructure.
      3.   A description of the available surface water irrigation right and the irrigation entity which supplies the water to the system.
      4.   A formal request for inclusion into the City municipal irrigation system.
   B.   Agreement: The Public Works Department will prepare an agreement with the person containing at least the following provisions:
      1.   Definition of ownership, operation and maintenance responsibilities.
      2.   Agreement to abide by the terms of this chapter, including the payment of fees.
      3.   Agreement to abide by all applicable design standards and criteria established by the City.
      4.   The right of the City at any time without notice to shut off the water supply for repairs, extensions, or for any other maintenance and operation procedures. The City shall not be responsible for any damage such as the breaking of any pipe or fixtures, or any other damage resulting from shutting the water off.
      5.   A provision for the assignment of any water stock owned in any irrigation and canal companies who may provide water to the system and a provision for the issuance of a City water certificate. The City may also require that the agreement between the City and irrigation water user be subject to an additional agreement between the City and irrigation entity addressing the delivery of irrigation water to the user's property.
      6.   A provision that the irrigation water to be delivered by the City municipal irrigation system may be pooled for delivery.
      7.   When the entity providing water to the Municipal irrigation system is an irrigation district, the agreement between the irrigation water user and the City shall be contingent upon the execution of a contract between the City and the irrigation district which, among other things, provides that the water may be pooled for delivery and the means and methods of passing on district irrigation assessments.
      8.   Any other terms both parties deem necessary.
   C.   Adoption And Approval: The application and agreement will be forwarded to the City Council for formal adoption and approval. If the application and agreement are approved, the Council shall pass and publish an ordinance describing the exterior boundaries of each separate irrigation system and incorporating the separate irrigation system into the boundaries of the City municipal irrigation system. (1952 Code § 8-16-05)