A.   Unlawful Acts Without Permit: It shall be unlawful to perform the following acts without first obtaining a permit to perform such work:
      1.   Deconstruct or demolish any whole building or structure, or a significant partial demolition where a bond is required as determined by the building official or designee;
      2.   Move any building or structure on to any lot or parcel of ground within the city of Boise City ("City"); or
      3.   Move any building or structure within the City to a location outside of the City limits.
   B.   Application For Permit: To obtain a permit, the applicant shall first file an application on a form furnished by the Building Division in Planning and Development Services for that purpose. All permit applications shall contain any information as may be required by the Planning and Development Services Department for the moving, deconstruction, or demolition of whole buildings or structures or partial demolition of buildings or structures on public and private property and to ensure compliance with all applicable adopted code requirements.
   C.   Permit Fees: Permit fees shall be assessed in accordance with the provisions of the Boise City Building Code Fee Schedule as adopted by the City Council.
   D.   Planning Review/Approval: Review and approval from the Planning Division of Planning and Development Services shall be obtained prior to permit issuance. (Ord. 15-21, 5-4-2021)