10-2-5-5: PLUGS:
   A.   Sewer Plug Permit Required: It shall be a violation of this section for any person to abandon, remove or cause to be abandoned or removed, any sewer service lines attached or connected to the City sewer system without first obtaining a sewer plug permit from the Public Works Department. Applications for the permit may be obtained from the department.
      1.   Failure To Obtain Permit: Any person who shall commence work without first obtaining the required permit shall, if subsequently permitted to obtain a permit, pay double the permit fee provided for in subsection 10-2-7-3F of this chapter.
      2.   Exception For Emergency Work: This provision shall not apply to emergency work when it shall have been proved, to the satisfaction of the department, that such work was urgently necessary and that it was not practical to obtain a permit before the commencement of the work. A double fee shall be charged if there is an unreasonable delay in obtaining the permit.
   B.   Plug Or Cap Required: Any person abandoning, removing or causing to be abandoned or removed, a private service line attached or connected to the City sewer system shall plug or cap such service line at a location between the service line and property (easement) line in a manner and location approved by the Public Works Department. The cost and installation of the plug shall be the responsibility of the person who disconnects such service line from the City sewer system.
   C.   Inspection Required: Prior to, and during, any work or alteration of the private service line as part of the plugging or capping, the proposed plug or cap must be inspected by a public works inspector. Request for inspection should be made to the Public Works Department at least twenty four (24) hours prior to the proposed sewer plugging. Inspections will be made during a normal working day.
   D.   Failure To Inspect: Any person who disconnects, plugs or caps a service line in violation of this section, may be required, at their own expense, to excavate the service line to allow an inspection to be made. (1952 Code § 8-11-05.05)