The Office of Police Accountability strives to be a leader in civilian police oversight by providing thorough and impartial review of police conduct. The mission of the Office of Police Accountability is to advance fair and professional law enforcement that is responsive to community needs. To this end, the goals of the Office of Police Accountability are:
   A.   Increase public trust and confidence in law enforcement through fair, thorough, and transparent investigations of allegations of misconduct;
   B.   Provide independent investigation of all critical incidents;
   C.   Encourage greater community participation in oversight of law enforcement;
   D.   Improve community relations by acting as a bridge between the community and law enforcement;
   E.   Advance the public's understanding of law enforcement policies, procedures, and operations;
   F.   Provide a place for citizens to voice concerns outside of the law enforcement agency; and
   G.   Ensure that complaints are resolved in a way that maximizes the public interest. (Ord. 21-21, 7-13-2021)