In addition to the above requirements, all commercial establishments shall comply with the following.
   (a)   Partitions. All partitions within the establishment shall be extended from floor to ceiling. All doorways shall have doors so that the doorway can be completely closed.
   (b)   Building fronts. The section of the building wall constituting the front of the building shall be at least three-fourths plate glass with a maximum wall height above the exterior sidewalk level of two feet. The window area shall be such that easy visual inspection may be made of the interior of the establishment at any time.
   (c)   Egress. There shall be at least two means of egress provided and fitted with outward-opening doors of a minimum width of three feet.
   (d)   Lost and found. Lost and found articles shall not be allowed to accumulate for a period in excess of 30 days.
   (e)   Telephone. Each establishment shall be provided with a pay telephone and a list of emergency telephone numbers posted adjacent thereto. Included in the list of numbers shall be those of the Police Department, Fire Department and those of all owners or operators of the equipment contained in such establishment.
   (f)   Access. Patrons shall not be permitted access to rooms except those wherein equipment is furnished for their use.
   (g)   Parking. Minimum number of automobile parking spaces shall be provided on the premises as required by Chapter 21 of this code. Parking areas must meet the performance standards set out in § 21.301.07 of this code.
   (h)   Other services. No other services shall be rendered in this establishment which are not related to the laundering of clothing unless there is a physical partition separating the two service areas and each service meets all applicable licensing requirements, restrictions and performance standards imposed by federal, state and local law.
(1958 Code, § 150.08)  (Ord. 170, passed 12-4-1951; Ord. 75-3, passed 1-13-1975; recodified by Ord. 95-13, passed 8-7-1995; Ord. 2001-46, passed 11-19-2001; Ord. 2010-1, passed 1-4-2010; Ord. 2015-15, passed 5-18-2015; Ord. 2016-6, passed 4-18-2016)