No shall place, erect, install, service, stock or maintain any or which or intrudes upon, in whole or in part, any or in the without first obtaining a license pursuant to this Division B. One license may issue to include any number of . The term of the license is one year, subject to renewal upon such terms as set forth in § 14.10. Unlicensed or are subject to removal and impoundment. The owner of the unlicensed or , if the owner’s identity and address can be reasonably ascertained, shall be served by the by regular mail with a notice of intent to impound stating that the or will be removed and impounded ten days after mailing of the notice unless a completed license application with the requisite indemnity bond or liability insurance has been filed with the Licensing Section. and may only be reclaimed upon payment of an impoundment fee as set forth in § 14.03 of this code. Any impounded or that remains unclaimed ten days after its impoundment shall be considered abandoned property subject to destruction.
(1958 Code, § 151.01)  (Ord. 182, passed 4-10-1959; Ord. 66-46, passed 8-1-1966; Ord. 94-47, passed 8-15-1994; recodified by Ord. 95-13, passed 8-7-1995; Ord. 2004-12, passed 4-5-2004; Ord. 2004-31, passed 7-6-2004; Ord. 2008-15, passed 5-5-2008)