(a)   License requirement and application. It is unlawful for an of an that is three months old or older to keep or harbor it within the city without having first obtained a license therefor in accordance with this Division A. No application for an shall be accepted unless it is completed and signed by an who is at least 18 years of age on the application form provided by the , which shall include at a minimum the following information: the full name, home address and daytime and evening telephone numbers of each of the ; the name, breed, color, age, sex and reproductive status of the ; the street address where the , or any other intended to live within the home will be kept or harbored; a current certificate of rabies vaccination for the ; and any other information deemed to be necessary by the .
   (b)   License fee. The license fee shall be as set forth in § 14.03 of this code. The fee shall be paid at the time the application for the license is submitted to the .
   (c)   License validity. All licenses issued under this Division A of this code shall only be valid for the identified on the license application unless the license is transferred under subsection (g) below.
   (d)   Penalties. Failure to obtain a license for an shall be subject to penalties in § 12.130.
   (e)   Individual licenses not required for licensees or . Individual licenses for requiring a license kept in a licensed under § 14.92 through 14.103 or in defined in § 12.91 of this code need not be obtained by the operator.
   (f)   License tag. Upon acceptance of the license application, the shall provide the of an with a license tag, which shall be stamped with a unique identifying number. If the license tag issued for an is lost, the shall obtain a duplicate tag upon the payment of a fee as specified in § 14.03 of this code. A valid durable license tag must be securely fastened to the choke chain, collar or harness. If the dog, cat or ferret is out of doors, either on the premises but not confined or off the premises, the collar or harness with the license tag attached shall be worn.
   (g)   Transfer of license. If a city licensed dies within one year of application and an is secured by the to replace the previous , the license for the deceased may be transferred to the replacement upon completion of a new application form identifying the replacement and payment of a transfer fee as specified in § 14.03 of this code. No transfer of license from one species to another is allowed.
   (h)   Change in ownership. If there is a change of ownership, as defined in § 14.87 of this code, of a city licensed , the new must apply for a license within 30 days and pay the fee charged for a new license if the continues to be kept or harbored in the city.
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