The or shall conduct investigations of complaints of violations to this Article IV. If the or determine that violations to any requirements of the this or any other article, division or section of this code or applicable state laws exist, the or may provide written notice to both the animal and the of the property in violation, stating the nature of the violations and a deadline for correcting the violations. In addition, the city may initiate appropriate civil and/or criminal actions upon failure of an and property owner to correct any violation of the city code or applicable state laws, rules or regulations. The failure to remove or correct each noted violation in the notice within the time period noted shall constitute a separate violation for each day the violation continues to exist. Failure to pay outstanding civil fines or fees may result in future animal license ineligibility if applicable. The may also choose to proceed to criminal charges when necessary.
(Ord. 2010-28, passed 11-1-2010)