(a)   Vaccination requirements for animals kept as . Every dog, cat, ferret or other animal kept as a shall be vaccinated against rabies.
   (b)   Timing of vaccination. Animals kept as that are too young to be vaccinated against rabies as indicated by the shall be vaccinated against rabies within 30 days after they reach the minimum age for vaccination as allowed by the .
   (c)   Revaccination. A vaccinated animal kept as a shall be revaccinated at intervals not to exceed the effective duration of the vaccination as listed in the .
   (d)   Newly acquired or imported animals. Unvaccinated animals kept as that are acquired or moved into the city shall be vaccinated within 30 days of purchase or arrival, unless the animal is under the minimum age as specified in subsection (b) above.
   (e)   Administration of vaccine by required. Because of techniques and tolerances, species limitations and public health implications, animal rabies vaccines shall be administered only by or under the supervision of a .
   (f)   Unvaccinated animals. Any animal of a species for which no rabies vaccination is licensed for that species by the United States Department of Agriculture shall be considered unvaccinated for rabies, regardless of that animal’s vaccination history.
   (g)   Exception. A severely ill animal required to have rabies vaccination may receive an exception to the requirement if the provides a signed letter from a stating the exception is necessary and includes proof of past rabies vaccination as verified by a titer test.
(Ord. 2010-28, passed 11-1-2010)