(a)   Investigation authority. or licensed peace officers are hereby empowered and authorized to make inspections and conduct investigations of alleged violations of this Division A and state law regarding to animals.
   (b)   Duty of regarding exposure of animals. Pursuant to M.S. § 343.29, as it may be amended from time to time, the or licensed peace officer may remove, shelter and care for any animal which:
      (1)   Is not properly sheltered from the cold, hot or inclement weather;
      (2)   Is not properly fed or watered, or provided with suitable food and drink; or
      (3)   Is observed in circumstances where the animal’s safety or life is threatened.
   (c)   Process for removal of animals in investigations. When necessary, the or licensed peace officer may deliver the animal to another to be sheltered and cared for, and furnished with suitable food and drink. In all cases, the , if known, shall be immediately notified pursuant to state law, and the having possession of the animal shall have a lien thereon for its actual costs of care and keeping. If the or is not known and cannot by reasonable effort be ascertained or does not, within ten days after notice, redeem the animal by paying the expenses authorized by state law, the animal may be treated as a stray under state law. Upon a proper determination by a , any animal taken into custody pursuant to state law and this section of the city code may be immediately disposed of when the animal is suffering and is beyond cure through reasonable care and treatment. The expenses of disposal shall be subject to the provisions of state law.
(Ord. 2010-28, passed 11-1-2010)