For the purpose of prescribing regulations governing the keeping of animals, the city hereby adopts the following rules and statutes, as they may be amended or recodified from time to time:
   (a)   M.S. §§ 343.20 to 343.40 for prevention of to animals;
   (b)   M.S. Chapter 346 regarding stray and companion animals;
   (c)   M.S. § 346.57 regarding dog, cat or ferrets in motor vehicles;
   (d)   M.S. Chapter 347 regarding cats and dogs;
   (e)   M.S. §§ 347.51, 347.515 and 347.52 regarding dangerous dogs; and
   (f)   M.S. §§ 609.226 and 609.227 regarding assault by dog.
(Ord. 2010-28, passed 11-1-2010)