This Article IV is enacted to establish standards for the regulation of domestic, farm and in the city to protect the health, safety and general welfare of the public. The principle objectives of this Article IV of city code are:
   (a)   To prevent nuisance conditions associated with the keeping of animals;
   (b)   To prevent the inhumane or cruel treatment of animals;
   (c)   To enact regulations governing , dangerous animals and animal ;
   (d)   To prescribe procedures and to provide for animal enforcement procedures;
   (e)   To control the spread of rabies in the community and to protect the general public from animals that pose a risk of rabies infection;
   (f)   To preserve a balance of and birds and prevent the unselective catching, maiming and destruction of , birds and that come in contact with ;
   (g)   To prescribe uniform procedures relating to the impoundment of animals found to be in violation of state law and city code;
   (h)   To prohibit the keeping of as in an urban setting in an effort to prevent the risk of harm to the general public;
   (i)   To prevent nuisance conditions associated with the feeding of , specifically disruption to their natural feeding habits, their concentration at artificial feeding centers making them more susceptible to disease transmission, the attraction of predators and the accumulation of feces in and around the area of artificial feeding; and
   (j)   To prescribe standards for the keeping of , chickens, and to avoid nuisance conditions, disease transmission and property blight.
(Ord. 2010-28, passed 11-1-2010)