§ 12.89.04  PROHIBITED ACTS.
   (a)   It is unlawful for any (s) to:
      (1)    or allow an ;
      (2)   At any ;
      (3)   Where or are present; and
      (4)   When the knows or reasonably should have known that an will or does do one of the following:
         (i)   Consume any or ; or
         (ii)   Possess any or with the intent to consume it.
   (b)   A is criminally responsible for violating this subsection (b) if the intentionally aids, advises, hires, counsels or conspires with or otherwise procures another to commit the prohibited act.
   (c)   A who an does not have to be present at the to be criminally responsible.
(Ord. 2011-18, passed 8-15-2011)