The purpose of this Division P of the city code is to discourage underage possession and consumption of , even if done within the confines of a private , and to hold criminally responsible who where under 21 years of age are allowed to possess or consume regardless of whether the hosting the supplied the . The City Council makes the following findings regarding the need to regulate these private gatherings.
   (a)    and held on private or public where is possessed or consumed by under the age of 21 years are harmful to those and constitute a potential threat to public health requiring prevention or abatement.
   (b)   Prohibiting underage consumption acts to protect , as well as the general public, from injuries related to consumption, such as overdose, induced assaultive or combative behavior or -related traffic accidents.
   (c)    is an addictive drug which, if used irresponsibly, could have drastic effects on those who use it as well as those who are affected by the actions of an irresponsible user.
   (d)   Often, involving underage possession and consumption of occur outside the presence of . However, there are times when a is present, and condones the activity, and in some circumstances provides the .
   (e)   Even though giving or furnishing to an is a crime, it is difficult to prove, and an ordinance is necessary to help further combat underage consumption.
   (f)   A deterrent effect will be created by holding a criminally responsible for hosting an where underage possession or consumption occurs.
(Ord. 2011-18, passed 8-15-2011)