The or of a or where is prohibited shall:
   (a)   Post “nonsmoking” signs that comply with the Minnesota Clean Indoor Air Act Rules, Minnesota Rules part 4620.0500;
   (b)   Ensure that ashtrays, lighters and matchbooks are not provided in areas where is prohibited. Receptacles for the deposit of cigarettes, cigars and other equipment that have been extinguished may be located outdoors within 25 feet of entrances to and ; provided that such receptacles are also located beyond 25 feet from entrances, exits, open windows and ventilation intakes of and ; and
   (c)   Ask any person who smokes or uses an in an area where is prohibited to refrain from and, if the person does not refrain from after being asked to do so, ask the person to leave and use any other means which may be appropriate to obtain compliance.
(Ord. 84-26, passed 6-4-1984; recodified by Ord. 98-53, passed 11-16-1998; added by Ord. 2004-34, passed 7-19-2004; Ord. 2005-55, passed 12-19-2005; Ord. 2014-17, passed 11-17-2014)