Each organization conducting lawful gambling within the city must expend at least 30% of its lawful purpose expenditures on lawful purposes conducted or located within the city or any municipality contiguous to the city. Annually, each organization must file with the city a report prepared by an independent certified public accountant documenting compliance with this section. In addition, each organization must submit a report to the city each January listing all lawful purpose expenditures from January 1 through December 31 of the preceding year. The report shall identify the name of the entity to whom the check was written, the city location of the recipient and the amount of the donation.
(1958 Code, § 190.02)  (Ord. 83-48, passed 11-21-1983; repealed by petition 12-19-1983; Ord. 84-9, passed 2-27-1984; Ord. 91-57, passed 9-9-1991; recodified by Ord. 98-53, passed 11-16-1998)